professional resume writing service DETAILS


We take up to prepare your CV or resume tailoring it as per industry standards. We consider and analyse the changing resume writing trends to keep you ahead on all fronts while you seek for a job. We tailor your resume to:

 Include job specific information
 Highlight relevant skills qualities and accomplishments.
 Present your vision, aspirations and strengths clearly in an impressive way, and as relevant to the job
 Inclusion of keywords that increase your resume’s visibility
 Mark your professional and academic growth effectively.
 Make the complete document concise and impressive so be able to gain recruiters attention.
We take time to discuss every single detail to understand your aims, aspirations and all relevant information that should be included in your resume, before finally preparing it and sending it across to you for your consent.

This service can be availed at a minimal cost of Rs. 1200

covering letter

Covering letter is a document that helps you introduce yourself to the employer by basically giving a précis of your overall resume and things that could not have been included in the resume. The Covering letter is an efficient manner of communicating with the recruiter and indicating that you are absolutely fit for the vacancy.

You can get your Covering letter prepared by us at a minimal cost of Rs. 300


When you take up this service we circulate and send your CV to many recruiters and job consultants to increase your chances of getting a job that does justice to your endeavours and suits your capabilities.
You presence becomes more visible to many recruiters who will call you for many interview processes. In short, your overall chances of getting an appropriate job increase.

You can avail this service at a cost of Rs. 300


With hundreds of hours of Job Search Engine usage behind us, we have an up-to-date practical idea of what it takes to get your CV noticed on various popular third party job search engines. We can create the right Resume Title, Synopsis, Keywords, choose the right Industry and other details to make sure your CV reaches the right audience and you get your dream job faster.
In short, we give you a free listing on three prominent Job search Websites and make sure the CV details are search friendly.

You can avail this service at a cost of Rs. 400